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The “Hamburg Summit's” programme consists of expert panels and keynote speeches. The conference design invites the active participation of the audience in open discussions and fosters a vivid exchange among all participants.

Since the late 1990s, China has emerged into one of the global economic players. With its heavily export-driven economy and largescale industries China will increasingly be a force to be reckoned with, worldwide. But is China’s staggering economic growth sustainable, taking into consideration growing industrial overcapacities, a lack of innovative capabilities, demographic pressure and regional disparities? The panel will discuss China’s future position in the global economy and the impact of major challenges including the relationship with the USA.

The Chinese logistics industry has developed at a high speed due to the remarkable increase in foreign and domestic trade. It is estimated that the industry will expand at an annual growth rate of over 30 percent. Despite the industry’s progress there are still many challenges to meet with regard to infrastructure, regulation, warehousing and storage. The panel will assess the industry’s prospects for further growth and its major challenges in the years ahead.

With a trade volume exceeding Euro 200 billion in 2005, the EU has become China’s top trading partner vice versa China is now the EU’s second most important trading partner. Although the Chinese market has become very attractive for both European trading companies and investment, China’s emergence presents new challenges for Europe. The panel discussion will deal with the future challenges and changes to be expected for Sino-European trade and investment.

China remains the world’s fastestgrowing automotive market. The industry is expected to continue its strong growth over the next years. Foreign automobile companies feel not only the heat of the growing competitiveness of domestic companies but are also challenged by new official regulations restricting their position in the Chinese market. The panellists will identify and explore key market trends and future prospects.

Despite China’s emergence as one of the leading manufacturing centres in the world economy, the development of its financial system lags behind. There is a strong time pressure for the government as the WTO expects China to open its banking sector by the beginning of 2007. The panel will discuss the current and future reform challenges for China’s financial sector and the opportunities for foreign financial institutions’ participation.

China is the world’s secondlargest oil importer. The country’s growing demand for natural resources is beginning to affect the relations between the energyproducing and energy-consuming countries. The panel will explore the likely ramifications on global markets of China’s immense and fast-growing consumption of natural resources.

China’s tremendous economic growth over the past two decades has come at great environmental costs. In its recently published 11th Five-Year-Programme (2006 - 2010) the Chinese government has made sustainable development the leading policy directive and designed specific measures to reduce the spread of pollution.

“One mountain cannot accommodate two tigers” (Chinese saying). For the first time in history Asia boasts a number of major economic powers: Japan, China and India. The panel will focus on China’s role in the process of economic integration in Asia, particularly with respect to ASEAN, Japan, South Korea and India. The panellists will assess whether China will succeed in achieving supremacy in Asia and discuss the implications for both Asia and Europe.

We look forward to welcome you to "The Hamburg Summit". Please click here to request more information.

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We look forward to welcoming you to "The Hamburg Summit". Please click here to receive more information.

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