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November 30, 2021
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Session Topics

The digital "Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe" 2021 is focusing on post-pandemic cooperation between Europe and China, taking account of China’s growing engagement in the world, the realignment of global value chains as well as changing regulatory frameworks for businesses.

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The Summit

The “Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe”

is a high-level, biennial business conference on Sino-European relations. Initiated in 2004 by Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the “Hamburg Summit” is the leading platform for business, political and academic leaders to discuss issues of mutual interest, and has in the past attracted high-level representatives from European, Chinese and international political and business leaders.

Honorary Conference Chairman

“The global economic and political landscape has changed fundamentally in the past few years. China is on its way to becoming the world's leading industrial nation by 2049. It’s economic and geopolitical rise affects us all. China is an indispensable actor to solve global challenges such as climate change and building resilient supply chains. It is more important than ever to build a better understanding of China and to continue the dialogue between China and Europe.

Since 2004, the “Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe” is enhancing Sino-European dialogue on top expert and decision maker level. Please join us again for the “Digital Hamburg Summit” 2021!”

Gerhard Schröder, Former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany


09:00 CET
Opening Session
Welcome Addresses
Opening Speeches
09:30 CET
EU-China Economic Dialogue on post-pandemic cooperation
Expert Panel
10:45 CET
Industry Dialogue: “Opening up or closing in? New approaches to trade and investment in China and Europe”
11:45 CET
Explorative Session: “Regional integration as driver of innovation networks in China and Europe”
12:45 CET
Meet & Greet (virtual lounge with sponsors)
13:30 CET
Multilateral Forum: „Resilient and sustainable supply chains of the future“
14:30 CET
Parallel sessions:

Academy Session A: “China Standards 2035 and its impact on European companies”

Academy Session B: “China’s IP laws in practice”
15:30 CET
Concluding Session / Outlook
15:45 CET
End of program


Corinne Abele
Corinne Abele
Chief Representative, gtai Shanghai
Prof. Norbert Aust
Prof. Norbert Aust
President, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker
Managing Director, STRING Network
Simon Cheetham
Simon Cheetham
Team Leader, China IPR Helpdesk
Dr. Kosman Ellinas
Dr. Kosman Ellinas
Co-Founder, Managing Director, NanoPlasma
Feng Jiang
Prof. Dr. Jiang Feng
University Council Chair, Shanghai International Studies University
Monika Jones
Monika Jones
International News Anchor
Yizhong Li
Li Yizhong
Chairman, CFIE
Robert Lorenz-Meyer
Robert Lorenz-Meyer
Conference Chairman, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
Janka Oertel
Dr. Janka Oertel
Director, Asia Programme, European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)
Denis Redonnet
Denis Redonnet
Deputy Director General / Chief Trade Enforcement Officer, EU DG Trade
Rada Rodriguez
Rada Rodriguez
CEO/ GM / Vice President, Signify / German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI)
Luisa Santos
Luisa Santos
Deputy Director General, BusinessEurope
Jörg-Michael Scheil
Jörg-Michael Scheil
Partner, Schulz Noack Bärwinkel (SNB Law)
Gerhard Schröder
Gerhard Schröder
Honorary Conference Chairman, Former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
Rieke Schües
Rieke Schües
Managing Director, United Europe
Sylvia Schwaag Serger
Sylvia Schwaag Serger
Lund University
Dr. Jost Wübbeke
Dr. Jost Wübbeke
Director, Sinolytics
Jörg Wuttke
Jörg Wuttke
President, EUCCC
Jie Xiang
Xiang Jie
President, Brose China
Betty Xu
Dr. Xu Betty
Director, SESEC (Seconded European Standardisation Expert in China)
Lihong Zhang
Zhang Lihong
VP IP and Legal Department, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd.


Question 2

Will the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment be ratified in the next two years?